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2022 Top Three Journey

A journey list not a goals list or a retropsective. A reminder list for when days go sideways

Fabian Williams

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One foot infront of the other

This is something new I am trying, this is for me to come back to when I have bad days, when I need to re-focus, and even when I have good days. It is not a goals list, and it not meant to be a retrospective list for 2023. I am going to list 3 things each year that I will try to build upon based on where I am now and where I aspire to be.

Take your outdoor walk to the next level

Bionic ears are here in the form of Transarency mode in Earbuds and Headphones

Fabian Williams

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Leaves rustling in the wind in a tree

A few days ago I set out for a walk to start my Boxing Day 2021 (December 26) & as usual I donned my AppleWatch and my AirPods to listen to my walk/run playlist as I log my journey on the Strava app. As circumstance would have it I got a new iPhone over the holidays and had to redo the process of pairing my ancilliary devices such as my AirPods. By setting up my AirPods with iOS 15 I saw options that permitted me to enhance the sounds that surrounds me that I did not see when I originally…

A New Day

My 1st Blog on my new Static Site Platform

Fabian Williams

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Man Thinking

I wanted to start a new Blog primarily because my focus and direction have shifted from the perspective I have had for the last decade plus. What do I mean by that? 🤔 While I am still a member of the technical community that I have been so proud to be a part of for the last almost 15 years, previously that vantage point was that of an independent voice. Indeed as a Microsoft MVP for the last 7 years, we pride ourselves as being a transparent vessel of the public at large and also of Microsoft, I…

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