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Manage your Time with Graph in Calendar Events

Creating a Calendar event with Microsoft Graph that repeats an existing recurring event adhoc

Fabian Williams

3-Minute Read

Microsoft Graph and Events API

Do you find yourself thinking 🤔 wouldnt it be easy to just copy an event on your calendar and paste it to a new location if everything is the same except the time you need it? Well, I tried to do that and from the calendar in the regular thick Outlook Client and I was not able. Later on however after some research I did find an option if I used Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook Progressive Web App (PWA) to Duplicate Event as seen below which gets me what to what I wanted to do. So this works…

Microsoft Graph and Python

Using Microsoft Graph and Python to access Microsoft 365 Data and Services

Fabian Williams

5-Minute Read

Python Plus Microsoft Graph

If you are interested in Microsoft Graph and how it can work with Python this post gives two examples of an art of the possible. In this post i will be addressing the following topics:

A New Day

My 1st Blog on my new Static Site Platform

Fabian Williams

7-Minute Read

Man Thinking

I wanted to start a new Blog primarily because my focus and direction have shifted from the perspective I have had for the last decade plus. What do I mean by that? 🤔 While I am still a member of the technical community that I have been so proud to be a part of for the last almost 15 years, previously that vantage point was that of an independent voice. Indeed as a Microsoft MVP for the last 7 years, we pride ourselves as being a transparent vessel of the public at large and also of Microsoft, I…

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