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Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft @fabianwilliams.

Cultivate a healthy Work from Home - WFH

If you work from home hence remote you should create an environment to enhance your physical well being

Fabian Williams

7-Minute Read

Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Banner

I am now at the time of writing this paragraph 3 days in from replacing my 4-year-old office chair to a new Autonomous Smart Office ErgoChair 2 and so far I am impressed with the features and working my way through using them properly. What do I mean by that? Well, the chair is super customizable in terms of the usual, height, arm rest positions, but it also has customizable features for lumbar support and headrest to name a few. If like me you spend a large part of your day sitting in front of…

Understand and Improve our Website value through Microsoft Clarity & Bing

Using the FREE Microsoft Clarity and Bing Webmaster Tools you can gain better understanding of your Website and enhance its value

Fabian Williams

2-Minute Read

Microsoft Clarity

A few weeks ago in a corporate team sync one of my colleagues presented information around Microsoft Clarity and I was totally blown away in it’s capabilities as well as its ease of use. According to Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analysis tool that helps you understand user interactions within your website. I use it to do just that especially for knowing where my users come from, and how they are engaging my content, want to see/hear about my experiences? keep reading…

2022 Top Three Journey

A journey list not a goals list or a retropsective. A reminder list for when days go sideways

Fabian Williams

3-Minute Read

One foot infront of the other

This is something new I am trying, this is for me to come back to when I have bad days, when I need to re-focus, and even when I have good days. It is not a goals list, and it not meant to be a retrospective list for 2023. I am going to list 3 things each year that I will try to build upon based on where I am now and where I aspire to be.

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