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Take your outdoor walk to the next level

Bionic ears are here in the form of Transarency mode in Earbuds and Headphones

Fabian Williams

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Leaves rustling in the wind in a tree

A few days ago I set out for a walk to start my Boxing Day 2021 (December 26) & as usual I donned my AppleWatch and my AirPods to listen to my walk/run playlist as I log my journey on the Strava app. As circumstance would have it I got a new iPhone over the holidays and had to redo the process of pairing my ancilliary devices such as my AirPods. By setting up my AirPods with iOS 15 I saw options that permitted me to enhance the sounds that surrounds me that I did not see when I originally…

Manage your Time with Graph in Calendar Events

Creating a Calendar event with Microsoft Graph that repeats an existing recurring event adhoc

Fabian Williams

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Microsoft Graph and Events API

Do you find yourself thinking 🤔 wouldnt it be easy to just copy an event on your calendar and paste it to a new location if everything is the same except the time you need it? Well, I tried to do that and from the calendar in the regular thick Outlook Client and I was not able. Later on however after some research I did find an option if I used Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook Progressive Web App (PWA) to Duplicate Event as seen below which gets me what to what I wanted to do. So this works…

Azure Web App DNS Gotcha

Creating an Apex Domain registration will error out if your DNS Zone is in a different subscription from your Web App by default

Fabian Williams

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Azure Static Web App Gotcha

Are you contemplating 🤔 or have you built a Static Web Application using Microsoft Azure Static Web Apps and do you plan to use an Apex Domain as a part of your URL. 😳 In plain english that means do you plan to access your website by using https://sitenamehere.com without the www? If so then keep reading please. 😌 For what should be a simple task, I faced a GOTCHA 🔥 on 2 different levels that I’d like to share with you, Ive outlined them below, even though I have listed 3 items below the…

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